People smoke too many cigarettes in movies. This is an exercise in trying to log how many cigarettes are smoked in a given movie or TV show and give accompanying photos.


For the purposes of this site, a cigarette counts as smoked if:

  • It is depicted on screen lit and actively being smoked or implied to be smoked (such as resting in an ash tray) by any character.

Some other rules:

  • Cigarette butts don’t count unless they were previously depicted as a full cigarette being smoked.
  • Cigarettes smoked during deleted scenes, extended scenes, or alternate scenes that aren’t part of a specific release do not count.
  • Unless another cigarette is shown being lit within a scene, we assume a total of one cigarette is smoked per scene per character.
  • Other types of tobacco smoking (pipes, cigars, hookah), or the smoking of any non-tobacco substances (with the exception of clove cigarettes) do not count. This includes brisket or other types of meat, as we have determined that brisket is not a cigarette.


The purpose of this site isn’t to glorify smoking. Instead, our purpose is to gather data and depict trends in cigarette smoking in film over years in an accessible fashion because I’m a freak.

If you’d like to contribute, I’m going to install a plugin to setup a form later but for now you can just visit my Facebook profile and tell me you wanna help.